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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Glenbow Archives

Library and Archives Canada

London Life Corporate Archives

London Public Library (London Room)

McCord Museum - Montreal

Parks Canada / Heritage Conservation Branch / Documentation Centre

Archives and Special Collections, University Library, University of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Archives Board

The University of Winnipeg

Western Archives, Western University


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Amanda Jamieson

Amanda Oliver

Anne-Marie Fischer

Angela Torres

Arthur McClelland

Christopher Gittings

Christina Willatt and Andrew Wenaus

Communications and Consultations Branch / Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Constanza Burucúa

Diego Hernández

Erin Chisholm

Felipe Belalcázar

Frame Discreet, Toronto – Digital Transfers

James Barry Arnott

John & Dotsa Bitove Family Law Library, Western University

Julio D'Escriván

London Society of Architects

Mauricio Bernal

Nova Scotia Archives

Parliament Hill - Corporate Services, Policy and Communications Branch

Robin Keirstead

Sandi Charbonneau – SNC Lavalin

Stefano Gramitto

Steve Donen

Theresa Reinger

Tillmann Ruth Robinson Architects

Tom Tillmann


The Dominion Public Building is a web-based documentary project, directed and produced by Juan Andrés Bello / Triana Media, with the support of the London Heritage Council.


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R. B. Bennett - Prime Minister of Canada (1930-35)

 looking into movie camera at outdoor location during summertime.

ca. 1930

A documentary project by Juan Andres Bello, with the support of The London Heritage Council