The Dominio Public Building: Original Tenants

The Dominio Public Building: Original Tenants - 1936

The Dominio Public Building: Original Tenants - 1936



From The London Morning Free Press,

September 26th, 1936


“Here is the way the offices will be grouped in the new building:



Mail storage room, supply room, postal department restroom, income tax vaults, boiler-room and heating plant.


First Floor:

Department of labor’s annuity branch, department of pensions and national health, city postal service, customs, weights and measures.


Second Floor:

District Postal superintendent and city mail carriers.


Third Floor:

Customs Department


Fourth Floor:

Radio branch of the department of marine and customs drawbacks’ division, custom records rooms, department of trade and commerce (gas and electrical division), federal department of agriculture, Royal Canadian Mounted Police office and barracks, sales tax office.


Fifth Floor:

Income tax division of the department of national revenue.


Sixth Floor:

Income tax division and department of public works.


Seventh Floor:

(First floor of penthouse tower)

Staff rooms and additional income tax accommodation.


The two top floors of the penthouse house mechanical equipment and the heads of the four elevators.”



A documentary project by Juan Andres Bello, with the support of The London Heritage Council